OM Chanting Circles      - presented by Qiessence
Om Chanting Circles are a unified global intention for opening all hearts to Love. You are invited to a most powerful and time honored tradition of OM chanting to unveil the very essence that connects us.   Chanting OM with a focused purpose is an energetic torus flow, like a laser of refined healing energy directed with our intentions effecting and enriching the toroidal fields.  
Everything is Vibration.  Chanting OM contributes to healing by raising the vibratory rate, encouraging balance and well being.  When you create an atmosphere around an individual of a certain frequency that represents their ideal healthful state, then their cellular structure can begin to identify with that, rather than continuing to identify with the vibrational frequency of the disease.    

Om has for centuries connected spiritual and physical dimensions inspiring contact with higher realms and beings.  We begin and end with the breath and the OM is the audible breath unifying the totality of All.  OM represents the infinite and essence of existence, the sound of creation.  Chanting OM empowers and aligns while releasing imbalanced energies and their symptoms.

The OM chanting tradition is an ancient form of healing from India that utilizes the power of OM for healing on all levels of being.  Through the blessings of Mahavatar Babaji, this specific ritual brings back the healing ability to the individual.  We simply chant OM continuously with purposeful intent while taking turns in the middle of the circle, simultaneously opening our hearts, raising consciousness and uplifting global concerns.  Then, beneficially for all, we share our experiences with one another.

      Contact Karen Soriano for further information.
Next gathering will be 3/3/18 in Escondido.
Call Karen for info: 760-504-5755

The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence.

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Contact Karen at 760-504-5755
Our focus of Love will benefit All
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