OM Chanting Circles      - presented by Qiessence
"To Ohm
Brings us to a place of stillness,
a place we call home
A Sacred sound
connects us to the elements
in a wave of love
To chant in unison brings us to one mind,
one heart.
Karen is an angelic being....
one of light and love
Her joy is highly contagious.  She is LOVE"
june leslie Wieder, DC
"Greeetings, Lovely Being!   I wanted to thank you AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN for your magical day, Saturday!  There was so much energy pouring down off the mountain that I was actually amazed to wake up to the world as untransformed Sunday as it was Saturday!  LOL.  But ... I know the energy is working its way through the ethers, so I'll be patient!   I really enjoyed doing Qigong with you!  I LOVE qigong and practice a few other of the million forms you mentioned.  I really liked the one you showed us -- simple, but powerful!    And, of course, the Om Circle was amazing!  I didn't speak at the end, when you invited comments, because I was literally too spaced out to form coherent thought.  But I can tell you that even though the first 15 minutes seemed a bit strenuous on my throat, by the end of the first round, I was feeling strong and powerful, and found my breathing could last longer on the exhale.   I was almost sad when the final clash of your cymbals sounded.  All in all, it was an extremely powerful day, and I bless you for your invitation!  .  We had a whole bunch of choices for Saturday, but I am SO GLAD we chose your circles instead!!" Namaste, Christy
"Some time after the last full moon chanting of OM for 45 minutes, crystals started forming on the table that holds the Krishna Rada wood carving.I have no explanation of the cause. There has been no one at my house for the last 3 weeks. when I returned earlier this week I noticed the crystal patterns shown on the table."
Sai Ram
"Little children are trained to walk, by means of a walker, which they hold and push along. The Pranava (the sound of "Om")
is such a contraption, with the three wheels of 'A', 'U' and 'M'. Holding it, man can learn to use the two feet of Bhakti (Devotion)
and Vairagya (Detachment). If he gives up his hold on the Omkara, he plumps down on the ground helplessly. If he walks on with
the help of the Pranava Japa (repetition of "Om"), he can certainly realize the glory of the Brahman (God), which is the very substance of the Universe."
- Baba
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