OM Chanting Circles      - presented by Qiessence
What is Qigong?
Qigong is an ancient mediation art and technique for cultivating qi, one's vital life force.  Medical qigong has been a health-building system originating in China and practiced for thousands of years, by improving circulation and harmonious flow through the body.  Many levels are tapped as one gains clearer aspects of being, contributing to heightened creativity, spiritual awakening and actualization, tranquility, rejuvenation and healing.    Layers and blockages that restrict one's flow are naturally released.  As with the Om Healing Circles, Qigong is an effective means of raising vibrational frequencies and altering basic body biochemistry influencing many physical, emotional, mental and spritual concerns. 
Qigong and Addictions
Qigong provides a safe tranquil space to facilitate going deeply within so that
the primary causes of addictions can be illumined and no longer avoided.  The basic tendancy at any moment is to either run and numb ourselves or to simply BE, connecting one breath at a time to the present moment and our power to make clear choices.  You know it is working when loving yourself and others becomes natural again.  Self esteem and respect is restored when you purposefully align with your inner true nature.  The Qigong exercises are a harmony of thought, breath and movement, easy to learn and practice. Find a way that allows you the freedom to choose each moment a more conscious path and peace in your heart in the midst of any challenge.    
We are all addicted to something that prevents our fullest expressions.  Qigong effectively focuses our intentions and energies to open and refine the flow of life force Qi. 
     "With our thoughts we make the world." Buddha.   
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